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  • Folding is the newest category of scooters and requires no assemble or setup. The units fold open and are ready to use.
  • Lightweight models are designed to be very portable and allow quick and easy set up for an active lifestyle outside the home.
  • Mid-sized, Heavy Duty / Luxury models are built more with comfort in mind and for heavier length of use throughout the day. They also have higher weight capacities and upgraded options as well.
  • 3 vs. 4 wheel scooters: 3 wheel scooters will have a smaller turning radius for tighter maneuvering while 4 wheel scooters will be more stable on uneven terrain.

** Look for "Best Choice" logos next to popular models.

"I would gladly refer anyone to you that needed equipment or your services. Great staff and even better experience. You have made this process simple for me." -- Posted by Ethel from Burlington, NC on Feb. 2016
    Customer Favorites
  • Folding Scooters
    No assembly needed
    Very compact design
    Easy for travel
  • Lightweight Scooters
    Easy to take with you
    Super light design
    Very manueverable
  • Mid-Sized Scooters
    Plusher Ride for actve users
    More leg room, upgraded tiller
    Upgraded seats
  • Heavy Duty / Luxury Scooters
    More everything
    Upgraded suspension and options
    Faster, stronger, more power
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