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Lightweight / Portable Lifts

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Which Vehicle Lift is best for me? Click here for more information

Which Vehicle Lift is Best for me?

5 Key Tips to avoid making a mistake

Before ordering a Vehicle Lift that may not be right for your particular needs or vehicle, please empower yourself with the following tips to make the best decision.

What is a Vehicle Lift and how does it work?

A Vehicle Lift, also called a Mobility Lift, is a piece of equipment attached to your vehicle designed to load and unload your mobility device (normally a Scooter or Power Wheelchair). ... Read More

Tip 1: Learn the different ways that a Vehicle Lift can be installed on your vehicle.

Vehicle lifts can be installed several ways Internally (inside the back of your vehicle) or Externally to the rear with a trailer hitch. Each way has certain pros and cons to consider; like complete protection from the weather versus reduced interior space. ... Read More

Tip 2: Will a Lift work on my vehicle?

The type of vehicle you have is the most critical factor when determining which lift is best for your needs. Most vehicles like cars, sedans or even sub compact SUV’s ... Read More

Tip 3: What is the Tongue Weight* of your vehicle?

Tongue Weight is different from pulling weight and refers to the downward maximum weight your vehicle can safely handle. ... Read More

Tip 4: Who will install my Vehicle Lift and what is involved?

Typically, the provider of the lift can install the platform for you. For external lifts and electrical connections, some units require ... Read More

Tip 5: A manual platform vs. an Electric Version, which is best for me?

The main benefit to a manual (external version only) is the price. You still have to have physical strength to ... Read More

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the cost of Vehicle Lifts, but companies like Southern Mobility and Medical do offer a Best Price Guaranty and payment options to make purchasing more affordable.