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Get Your NC Tax Back

It’s EASY and QUICK to get your North Carolina sales tax returned!

Power chairs, scooters and lift chairs are not taxable with a prescription (Rx) from your Doctor, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. Here’s all you do...

1. Go ahead and complete your order so we can link the order confirmation number to your Rx.
2. Contact your doctor’s office and have them fax an Rx to our office. What’s needed on the Rx:

  • Your name
  • The product: "Mobility Scooter", "Lift Chair", "Power Wheelchair", "Vehicle Lift", "Stair Lift"
  • The MD's name, signature and date.

Once received, we will IMMEDIATELY issue a refund back for the sales tax.

Fax Rx to Southern Mobility and Medical at 1-877-611-3500

Note: We cannot accept any letters, we have to have a Prescription