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Power Chairs

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Which size is best for me?

  • Light weight Portables are a great choice for someone who may only need mobility assistance every now and then or just for certain times of the day. Portables allow for easy assembly and fit in most trunks.
  • Standard Power chairs are designed for heavier use throughout the day. They are very maneuverable inside a home and are typically 24"-25" wide. The weight cap is 300 pounds.
  • Heavy Duty chairs are more rugged, have larger batteries and frames and designed for weight cap from 300 to 450+. Most range 25"-28" inches wide or larger.

What design is best for me?

  • Front wheel: The drive tires are in the front of the power chair which gives better grabbing for uneven surfaces, grass etc. Indoor turning takes time to get used to since the center of your turn is located at your knees. Four wheels on the ground and small anti tipper wheels flank the footrest for safety.
  • Mid Wheel: The drive tires are still towards the front of the chair but a little more centered to the middle. Same other benefits of the front wheel version. Four wheels on the ground and small anti tipper wheels flank the footrest for
  • Center Wheel: The drive tires are centered with the core of your body and you are sitting in the center of your turn. Feels more natural and easier to maneuver. Has 6 wheels on the ground and “turns on a dime”. Best for inside use or smooth surfaces outdoors (sidewalks, level pathways, etc). Since your weight is distributed over 6 wheels, could lose traction on wet grass or uneven surfaces.
  • Rear Wheel: The drive tires are in the back on the chair and very easy to maneuver inside…like driving a car. Very good outdoors on most surfaces.

** Look for "Best Choice" logos next to popular models.

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    Simple set up
  • Standard Power Chairs
    Tight maneuvering
    Comfortable for daily users
    Sturdy and adjustable
  • Heavy Duty Power Chairs
    Upgraded suspension
    High weight capacity
    Bigger everything
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