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Do You Know Who You Are Buying From?

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Getting ready to purchase a Scooter, Lift chair or Powerchair?

What do you really know about the retailer you are getting ready to buy from?

Are they trustworthy, respectful to your concerns, are they located across the country somewhere or are they willing to help you after the sale?

You many be very surprised based on Best Business Bureau (BBB) review and online customer ratings.  Getting the best price and quality are definitely important but how you are treated after a provider has your money is equally a concern you should carefully consider.

Empower yourself with these 5 key factors, before pulling the trigger on your next mobility purchase. It will save you headaches, regret and money in the end.

  1. Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. I discovered that one major online mobility retailer has an “F” rating and many others have below par ratings like B, B- mainly to due high levels of customer complaints that are ignored after the sale. Do your research to find a provider with the best reviews.
  2. Read online reviews, not the ones the provider has cherry picked and uses on their site. Independent sources like Google reviews and other online customer ratings give you a better insight of how you will be treated, especially if there is a problem with your order, you receive a damaged unit, you get the wrong product, you need a repair or need other help after the sale.
  3. How quickly do issues get resolved. Mobility products are very important in daily activities. Having a missing part at the time of delivery or needing a repair can be a hassle. Read reviews to see how quickly the provider has acted for other folks to get a glimpse into how you will be treated. Some reviews state that it took months for missing parts to arrive from a new delivery or to get a repair. That should not happen.
  4. How secure is your personal information? A large nationwide mobility site had a link that showed multiple customer’s complete credit card information including credit card number, expiration dates, security codes, home address and the person’s name…so anyone could fraudulently use their credit card (very disturbing). To protect yourself, make sure each page of any mobility website is secured by checking the address bar for this:

    “https://shop.southernmobilityonline.com”. The “s” in the"https://" means the site is encrypted and secure.

    It's not a secure site if the web address only starts with "www.discov..." like one of the other providers, or states “not secure” in the address bar. Stay away from any unsecured site to protect your sensitive info.
  5. Beware of a ton of Freebees. Providers may throw in a freebee or two, which is fine but be aware of sites that give away tons of accessories that seems “too good to be true”. The only way they can afford to do this is by avoiding the cost of service they should offer. A customer told us that they had to buy a scooter from us because the scooter they recently purchased from an online provider came in damaged and the company would not call them back. They called the provider for over 3 months and never heard back. The bag of freebee’s didn’t matter. That's just wrong!

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