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If an offer sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

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If an offer sounds too good to be true,
it’s probably a scam.

How to Avoid Scooter Scams

A Facebook ad for a $279 mobility scooter sure is tempting especially since the pictures and product description are the same as on other sites who sell the same model for $2,295.00 Your gut tells you it sounds too good to be true but it’s such a great deal, you go ahead and place an order anyway.

Well, your gut instinct is correct! Scammers copy real ads and run a knock off ad at a super low price to steal your money. Once the scammer has your credit card information, they grab your money and you never receive a scooter. The scammers will send tracking information to keep the scam alive for a while and you might receive some cheap trinket from overseas like a plastic ring or bracelet that is linked to the tracking number…but no scooter. We see people post online that this happens all the time and it’s just not right.

Here’s some tips to avoid getting scammed.

  1. Compare what other companies are selling similar products for and see if the Ad you are interested in is about the same cost. If it’s unbelievably lower, that’s a red flag. The starting price for any manufacturers, basic mobility scooter is typically $600+.
  2. Read others comments under the ad to see if people are actually getting products delivered. If not, it’s a scam.
  3. If important information is missing like where the company is located or a phone number, that’s a red flag.
  4. If there are typos or other statements that do not make sense, it’s probably a scammer

We all want a good deal but scammers know that if they offer an unbelievable price, people will
jump on the big savings. Unfortunately, you lose your hard-earned money that you could have
used to make a real purchase of a real scooter.

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Written by:
Scott Dannenberg
President of Southern Mobility and Medical