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The 4 Biggest Mistakes to avoid before Purchasing a Lift Chair (#4 is most surprising!)

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The 4 biggest Mistakes to avoid before purchasing a lift chair.

(#4 is most surprising)

A customer told me that the chair they ordered from another company only reclined half way back and he thought it would fully recline to a flat sleeping position. Since they ordered it in a nicer fabric, they could not return it.


Here’s our recommendations to save $$$ and find the best lift chair to meet your specific needs, without any surprises.

1. Understand which features come with the lift chair, and which do not:

Some lift chairs offer a full range of positions, from upright sitting to full sleeping, but others have limited recline options (sitting and reading only) and may not give you the positions you were expecting. There are other options like different sizes, zero gravity, heat & message and fabric choices that may or may not be available on each model.

2. Does the lift chair meet your height, weight and body shape requirements?  

All lift chairs have a weight capacity and different seat, arm and back sizes. Make sure you review the width, height and depth measurements to find a seat and back sizes that would be most comfortable for you.

3. How much space do you have? 

Make sure to evaluate the space you are planning to put the lift chair and account for the recline space needed behind the chair and footrest areas.

4. Ordering a lift chair online, can you return it?  

Most online stores will not allow ANY returns if you make a simple change like an upgraded battery, fabric or if you add an option like heat or message. Always check the return policies to make sure of your options.

Bonus suggestion: Most companies offer Free Delivery which definitely saves $$$. This option entails the following: A large box being dropped off at your curbside by a commercial carrier truck. It requires you to meet the truck, carry the box in, unpack it, set it up and discard the packaging yourself.

Recommendation: White Glove Delivery does cost a few bucks but it’s WELL worth it. This service includes having your lift chair received, assembled and tested by one of our technicians at our facility. We will call you to set up a delivery, then place it into your home and offer some basic training on proper use. You get piece of mind to know that your chair is assembled correctly and ready to go!

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