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The 3 Biggest Mistakes to avoid before Purchasing a Scooter!

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The 3 biggest mistakes to avoid before purchasing a scooter!

I had a man call in who is 6’ 4”, wanting to order a scooter which was designed for a petite person of 5’ 4” or so. He would have felt like a giant, trying to sit in a toddlers sized seat, with his knees in his chest.

Choosing the correct scooter will save you $$$ and enhance your ability to get out more, go shopping, traveling, gardening, adventuring, vacationing and just being more independent. Follow these 3 rules to get the best scooter to meet your needs.

1. How will you use the scooter?

If for daily use, long distances or extended hours, you will want a Mid-Sized model with a comfortable supportive seat, appropriate leg room and long range batteries. If you only need for occasional use or short distances, a more basic Lightweight Portable model would be fine. If you are mostly using “off road” on uneven terrain, or you just want more power and speed, a more rugged Luxury model with higher ground clearance, full suspension, larger motors, tires and batteries will fit the bill. For larger folks, the Heavy Duty models come with larger seats and reinforced frames to safely get you where you want to go.

2. How are you going to transport it?

How much can you lift? Will you have someone to help you get it in and out of your vehicle? Scooters are designed to easily breakdown to lightweight pieces to fit in most vehicles. The heaviest piece of the scooter is normally is 29-45 pounds but some scooters can be much heavier. Lightweight Portable scooters typically will breakdown into a standard trunk or back seat. The Mid-sized and larger scooters usually require a carrier, ramp or lift, depending on the type of vehicle you own.

3. Does the scooter meet your height, weight and body shape requirements?

All scooters have a maximum weight capacity and are designed to fit a certain size of rider. Most are around 300 pounds and come with one size of seat. Some models do offer upgraded size seats as an option. Make sure you review the width and depth measurements to find a seat size that would be comfortable for you. Most Folding and Lightweight Portable scooters will fit most people from 4’ 10” to 5’ 11”. If you are taller, or weight close to a weight cap, a Mid-sized, Luxury or Heavy Duty would be a better match. Some seats come with a “slider” option that allows you to slide the seat closer to the front or back of the unit for better leg comfort.

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