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Where's the Dealers? And Where's the Stock?

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"I want to try a scooter or lift chair before I buy but I can’t find a local dealer with much in stock"

Since 2012, Medicare and other insurance companies have made getting medical equipment very difficult. By cutting reimbursement in half and making the paperwork requirements overly complicated, many providers have either closed their doors or have just stopped accepting insurance altogether. For these reasons, most providers can’t afford to stock much or any inventory. On top of that, if insurance does approve something, it’s typically a very basic model without any of the features that most folks are interested in.

"How can I decide on the best scooter, lift chair or power chair for me when I can’t find anything to try in person?"

We hear this all the time from folks because their local Medical Supplier has either closed or only has a handful of choices. We, at Southern Mobility and Medical decided to move in the opposite direction, to create the opportunity to see and try products in person so you can be comfortable that you have found the best option. We have expanded our Raleigh showroom to now have the UNDISPUTED largest collection of Mobility Scooters, Lift Chairs and Powerchairs in North Carolina. Over 4000 square feet of products ready to sit on, touch, try and kick the tires.

Instead of choosing a product from a picture and keeping your fingers crossed that it’s right for you, please come and see us to make sure…It’s DEFINITELY worth the trip!!!.

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Have more questions? We are here to help and have a showroom in Raleigh to see and try products in person. Call us at 1-800-681-8831

Monday-Thursday 9-5:30, Friday 9-4, Sat 10 - 2.