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Best and Worst Financing Options

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Are You Willing to Pay 25-60% Interest When Financing
Your New Mobility Purchase?

Of course not, but you might just end up paying that if you are not careful. Here’s what we learned when we shopped around for financing options for mobility products like scooters, power chairs and lift chairs.

1. Please be careful with overly complicated plans designed to hide the real interest rate you end up paying. These plans will focus your attention on an affordable monthly cost instead of the total amount you will end up paying over the term of the payments.

2. Beware of plans that change in the middle of the term. Example, you finance a scooter for 24 months. Somewhere in the details of the terms it describes that after 12 months, you have to make a decision about the second 12 months. Companies like “GetFinancing” use this type of option.

3. Be aware if late payment penalties could be added. These fees could tack on hundreds of dollars of extra costs. Try to set up automatic payments if available to avoid any possible late fees or increased interest rates due to a late payment.

Best Choice - 

PayPal Financing. They offer 0% (zero interest) over 6 months if you make a small minimum payment on time each month and pay the total balance in full by the end of the 6 months. Want more details? Click here 

Worst Choice - 

GetFinancing interest rates could end up being 25-60+% and their paperwork is VERY complex. Run away from this option.

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